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Kombucha Brewing: Picking the Right Equipment for Brewing

Written by Nichole

Welcome to the delicious art of kombucha brewing or kombucha brewing 101! Not only is kombucha tasty, but it also comes with probiotics that have amazing health benefits if made correctly. To name a few, studies have shown the health benefits to include gut health, promotion of good mental health, decrease in risk of infections and cancers, weight loss and management of Type 2 diabetes. It also contains antioxidants and polyphenols. (Resource:

You have decided to start making your own kombucha tea, so now you need to know exactly what you will need. Below I will list all the equipment and items you’ll need to help you pick the best way to make kombucha and the best kombucha for you. You can also learn how to make alcoholic kombucha for those who want a little added fun in their tea. In the end, all you really need is something to brew the kombucha in and something to cover it with.

Kombucha Jars & Containers for Brewing

To start your kombucha batch, first you want to pick a container for the fermentation process of kombucha. The best is a glass, porcelain or ceramic container because it will not react to the acidity of the kombucha and does not have added chemicals like BPA. Just make sure the ceramic and porcelain are food-grade. Stainless steel can also be used and is the only metal you should use, just make sure it is also food-grade.  Depending on the size of your batch will depend on the size of your container. You should have one that is big enough for the batch of kombucha and room for the fermentation process of kombucha.

Remember, you have to save some starter tea for your second batch of kombucha, about one-half to one cup. You will continue this for every future batch.

Don’t use plastic, as it is easily damaged and you will run the risk of unwanted bacteria and chemicals in your kombucha.

Here are some of the best containers for kombucha brewing:

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Stainless Steel Spigot Kombucha Crock 5 Liters (1.3 Gal)Stainless SteelSee on Amazon
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Porcelain Water Dispenser Crock2.5 GallonsPorcelainSee on Amazon
Stainless Steel Carafe Continuous Brewing 2 or 3 GallonsStainless SteelSee on Amazon

Container Covers

Next you will need to a cover for your kombucha tea. Do not use the lids that come with beverage containers, as they tend to be airtight and you need airflow to allow your kombucha to ferment properly. Also, do not use something with too big of holes for airflow because the smell of the tea will attract fruit flies and other small insects. Go with a tight weaved dish towel, ultra fine cheesecloth or muslin and a rubber band or canning jar ring to secure the fabric to the container.

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Kombucha Temperature

Temperature is very important when brewing kombucha, as it will determine the speed and efficiency of the kombucha brewing process. The warmer the batch the stronger the tea will be. Kombucha brews best between 68-78 degrees Fahrenheit. Having a stick-on thermometer is a very convenient way to watch the temperature without having to constantly open the container, which releases some of the heat.

Here are a few options for stick-on thermometers for kombucha brewing:

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Stick On Thermometer Strip, Digital Display 50-90F (10-32C) – 10 PackSee on Amazon
Instant Easy Read Adhesive Strip Liquid Crystal Stick On Thermometer with Red Display – 2 PackSee on Amazon

Bottle Your Kombucha

Whether you want to take your kombucha on the go, make a variety of flavors or give it away as a gift to someone, the convenience of individual bottles is great. Bottling will also increase the kombucha shelf life and is the best way to drink kombucha because of the individual serving size. This is where you will need the airtight lids, especially if you are going to make your tea extra fizzy! Glass is also the best option for bottling kombucha because it can be sterilized and easily cleaned. Below are some great options for the best kombucha bottles and growlers.

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Glass Bottles, Stainless Steel Leak Proof Lid, with Cleaning Brush18 oz
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Home Brewing Glass Bottle with Easy Wire Swing Cap & Airtight Rubber Seal16 oz
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Amber Kombucha Growler Bottles with Polycone Phenolic Lids32 oz
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When getting your tea into the bottles, you need to make sure you strain it well and get rid of all the extra sediment. This makes the drink more enjoyable and smooth. Having a strainer and funnel combo tool is great for this because it cuts down on needed equipment and clean up. Remember to save some of your 1st batch of kombucha to start your 2nd batch of kombucha.

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Starter Kits

If you want to take the easy route for your first batch, there are some great kombucha starter kits on the market that give you everything you will need to make your tea, equipment and ingredients included. These kits will give you the ingredients for making kombucha starter tea (steeped tea kombucha) or making kombucha with scoby, which is the mother in kombucha, and help you with your 2nd brew kombucha. These are the best kombucha for beginners and will give you instructions on the kombucha making process.

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Complete Kombucha Starter Kit with Premium Kombucha SCOBY See on Amazon
The Kombucha Shop Kombucha Brewing KitSee on Amazon
Organic Kombucha Starter Kit With Homemade Brewing Probiotics (*Container not included)


For recipes, tricks and tips, check out one of these inexpensive books. They even have recipes for making alcoholic kombucha for those who want to add a little kick to their tea. These books will help anyone with the perfect flavor, strength and fizziness that suits their kombucha preference and needs.

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The Big Book of Kombucha: Brewing, Flavoring, and Enjoying the Health Benefits of Fermented TeaSee on Amazon
Kombucha Revolution: 75 Recipes for Homemade Brews, Fixers, Elixirs, and MixersSee on Amazon
Learn to Make KombuchaSee on Amazon

I hope you have enjoyed this kombucha brewing 101 blog and now have all the information you need to pick the best kombucha equipment you will need to start your first batch of kombucha.

Good luck on your kombucha brewing journey and cheers to your health!

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