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Wood Burning Crafts You Should Try

Written by Sa Bal

What Is Wood Burning?

Wood burning is a coveted art of using heating equipment to burn the wood and add different designs and patterns. Wood burning is also called Pyrography. It is an ancient art form discovered by Homo sapiens. The discovery of fire gave way to the burning of symbols and different pictures onto wood. Since then, many people have taken up wood burning as a profession and as a hobby.

If you are bored at home and want to put your creative energies to good use, start wood burning. Here are some crafts you can try out as a beginner:


Wooden jewelry looks very rustic and can be the best accessory to go with your look. You can make all sorts of jewelry with wood. For instance, you can cut two teardrop-shaped wooden pieces and then burn intricate designs on them. To make these jewelry pieces, you can invest in and then cut them to the size you want.  You can find wooden pieces of different types and sizes to make whatever you want. There are different designs you can burn onto your earrings. Let your creativity run amuck and put together a great look.


Wooden cutlery can be a great gift. However, wood-burning can make it an even better gift. You can find plain online and then burn any pattern you want. You can use the smallest nib of your and either draw different designs or flowers. If you don’t want patterns, you can even write something onto the spoons. Make it out to your mom and write ‘The World’s Best Mom’, just make sure that you are extra careful and don’t end up burning yourself.

In the same way, you can get wooden plates and then burn them to any design you like. You don’t have to use these plates in your everyday life; you can also use them for decoration.


Coasters are a great way to show off your creativity, and there is a lot you can do with them. Take either or circular ones, and then use a pencil to draw on them. The most common designs are floral and geometrical shapes. If you do not have a stronghold on the burning pen yet, you can take help from different . There are all sorts of stencils available, such as flower patterns and even borders.

Table Tops

If you think your wooden table is out of fashion and is becoming an eyesore, you can easily revamp it with wood burning. First, you must out the complete tabletop so that you have a fresh start, and the base is very smooth. Your wood-burning will only look appealing if you start on a clean canvas. Then you need to mark the areas you want to burn, use painter’s tape to identify where you need to burn and make sure you stay within the designated area. Burn different patterns onto the tabletop.

You can either go for an intricate web-like design or you can burn lines onto the base. Once you are done with the burning, you can even stain your table to give it a new look entirely.


Wooden trays look very aesthetically pleasing, but if you burn designs on them, you will add more to their aesthetic appeal. When serving drinks to your guests, a wood-burned tray can make quite an impression. You can burn phrases onto the trays, such as ‘Cheers’ or ‘Bon App├ętit’. These engraved trays can be used in your day-to-day life and as a decoration in your kitchen.

In the same way, to burn your wooden trays, you can add a doodle or two on your chopping board. It will look great, and you’ll be pleased every time you use the board.


Do you have a wooden entrance gate? A wooden door can be the best canvas to display your wood-burning skills. There are several patterns you can try on your wooden doors. Since these wooden doors usually have crevices, you can fill them out with different patterns. Even if you do not want to go for patterns, you can randomly burn different spots all over the door, giving your canvas an aesthetic and rustic look. It can be tricky to burn an upright door, which is why you must wear when burning the wood. Your gloves must be heat resistant so that you don’t burn your hands.

Key Chains

Do you wish to gift someone something special? How about wood-burned key chains? Making a gift on your own can often be better than gifting something store-bought and expensive. A key chain with a personalized design can be a great gift. You can take small wooden pieces and cut them into whatever shape you want. Once you cut them to shape, you can burn different designs and patterns. You may also carve the initials of the person you are gifting it to. Add a , and you are good to go!

Wall Hangings

Home decor is a hobby for many people, and with wood burning, you can create many wall hangings. If you have good wood drawing skills, you can also sketch a portrait onto a wooden board and then burn it onto the sketch. It can be a great addition to your home decor. Moreover, you can make random decoration pieces such as small wall hangings, wall clocks, and a lot more!

Wood burning is a great pastime. All you need is wood and a to start your crafting! Don’t waste your free time, and put it to good use by sharpening your wood-burning skills!

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