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Explore Nail Art: Things you can do With Your Nails

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Nail art is one of the best hobbies that allow you to show your artistic skills. It not only provides you with a fun activity but also helps you make a fashion statement when going to festivities and events. Not to mention, it completes your look and helps you feel confident in the crowd. If you want to explore nail art, you can start with the following easy yet gorgeous styles.

Want to Explore Nail Art? Here Are Some Ideas for You

Polka Dots

Looking for a minimal nail art design? If so, this is an ideal option for you. The best part is you can get a professional and beautiful nail appearance with just a few easy steps and tools. All you need is pretty nude and light nail paint for the background, such as beige or nude. To create polka dots, you can use complementing classy, bold tints for a chic look.

Now you need to paint your nails with the base color and let them dry. Bring your dotting tool or fine line brush to get gorgeous metallic dots on your nails. Make dots one by one gradually so that you get a neat and clean look.

Although it is a simple design, it is best for a date night dinner or party look. In fact, you can wear it casually when going to the office or any corporate event.

Velvet Tips

Velvet tips are gaining popularity among nail art lovers. Though it looks like a complex and challenging design to make, you only require the right nail tints to get the look. For starters, you need special paints like cat-eye or magnetic polish for this design. Note that some people also use special powders designed to give the velvet effect and dip nails in them.

To create velvet nails, you need to work on the tip of your nails. Use either polish or powder for this design. In the case of polish, only apply it to the tips of your nails. If you are going for powder, opt for any nail color, and paint your nails. When the paint is still wet, dip your nails in the powder. Ta-da! Your nails are ready.

Floral Crystals

If you want to explore nail art, you should go for any floral designs. But before that, here is a disclaimer: after getting this art on your nails, you will struggle with house chores, so better prepare for it.

For this gorgeous design, you need to purchase nail art flowers, glue, and a nude tint (it’s not necessary). If you want any base color, you should apply any light color nail tint you like, or you can simply skip this step. Take a toothpick, and put a tiny amount of glue on your nail with it. Now, carefully place a flower on top of the glue to fix the floral design. Add as many flowers as you want, and create an attractive pattern.

Half Color Design

Try this one if you want to explore nail art but facing trouble using different tools. The half-color design allows you to get a gorgeous look without putting in too much effort and time. The best part is if your dress has two basic colors, you can incorporate both in your nail art.

So, all you need is two nail paints that go well with your dress. Take one of them, and paint half of your nails vertically. Allow your nail to dry completely prior to the next step. After air-drying your nails, paint the remaining half with the other color.

If you want to add a stylish touch to your design, you can go for nail glitters. Additionally, there is a wide range of glitters available in the market. You can opt for simple one-tone glitters or ones that come with rainbow colors. Plus, you can look for metallic glitters that make your design beautiful. To add glitters, dip your finger in powder each time before letting it air dry. This way, your glitter will stick to your tint easily.

Marbled Pastels

Do you love the marble effect on nails? If yes, this tip is for you. These nails give you a classy mirror-type look, creating a reflection effect on your nails. The best part is that it is perfect nail art for beginners who want to show off their skills.

Opt for muted nail paints to get a more noticeable appearance for a marble look. You need to dip the nail paintbrush in the acetone each time and then paint your nails with it. This step will help you make your polish watery, so you will get a marble effect when you apply it.

People looking for a more professional look can opt for marble patterns available in the market. These patterns allow you to press on nails to get the similar effect we have discussed. You can also experiment with several designs with this method to make variants of the marble look.

Beautiful Daisies

Adding pretty daisies to your nails is a super-cute option for you. Not to mention, it’s incredibly easy to do without any expert assistance. You need to apply milky beige nude color to your nails. To make the petals of your daisies, use the opaque polish. Gradually make petals with light hands to avoid ruining your base color.

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Once done with petals, take a line brush or dotting tool to create the tiny center of your flowers. Make sure to create only a simple dot and use gold color. Hence, you can easily create a daisy. You can add as many flowers as you want. Just don’t make your design look cluttered.

Bottom Line

Well, hobbies like paper quilling and calligraphy are quite challenging for someone with no natural artistic skills. If you want to engage yourself in an easy yet interesting activity, you need to explore nail art. The above-mentioned designs are best to begin your journey. So, don’t wait and try one!

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