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Home Decor: Paint and Decorate Pebbles for Your House

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Written by Sa Bal

Home decor knows no rules and boundaries, and there are several things you can use to decorate your home that are not considered decorations. For instance, you can use pebbles in different nooks and crannies all over your home and give it an aesthetically pleasing look.

While you are home for the summer, how about you try out different Diy projects and decorate your home with pebbles? It is a great way to incorporate nature into your home and add more texture. There are several ways you can elevate the aesthetic of your home using pebbles. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Home Decor With Pebbles

Pair them With Succulents

Succulents and pebbles go hand in hand, and together they look very aesthetically pleasing. If you want to add a little bit of green to your home but do not want a high-maintenance plant, get a succulent. A succulent will not demand too much of your time and practically do well without any attention. You can place them wherever you want and surround them with pebbles. You can take any empty glass vase and set up your succulent on a bed of pebbles. It will add a natural element to your home.

Make Yourself A Flower Pot

Are you feeling crafty? You may have seen flower pots made out of pebbles, and you might have even reached out for them only to retract your hand after looking at the price. Such flower pots can be quite expensive, but that does not mean you can’t have them. All you need is a flower pot, grout, and pebbles. You can take the afternoon to strategically place all the pebbles onto the flower pot and then apply the grout all over so that it sticks and the flower pot is as sturdy as possible.

Red Devil 0428 Pre-Mixed Tile Grout, 1 Pint, White
Red Devil 0428 Pre-Mixed Tile Grout, 1 Pint, White
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This can be a great addition to any corner within your home or your terrace. 

Floor It!

Are you renovating your home? Try considering pebbles for the flooring of certain areas within your space. Most people use pebbles for flooring their baths as it gives them a very aesthetic look and adds peace to the space. The natural texture and look of the pebbles can help you take comfortable long showers and pamper yourself. This may take up time, money, and effort, but the results are very rewarding. If you take morning showers right before you rush off to work, the stones under your feet will press on all essential points, waking you up.

With a pebble-layered bathroom, you don’t need to go to a spa to feel good. All you need to do is take a good, long shower!

Make A Coaster Or Two

Coasters are a great addition to your dining tables and even side tables for that matter. To incorporate pebbles in your space, you can fit down and make a pebble coaster. A pebble coaster will bring earthy vibes to your table and is a sturdy base for you to keep your cups. You can choose smaller pebbles for the coasters and lay them out in circles. Cut out circles of cork sheet and then mount the pebbles onto them. Make sure you use the right glue to stick them on so they don’t fall out.

Quartet Cork Tiles, Cork Board, 12' x 12', Corkboard, Wall Bulletin Boards, Natural, 4 count (Pack of 1)
Quartet Cork Tiles, Cork Board, 12" x 12", Corkboard, Wall Bulletin Boards, Natural, 4 count (Pack of 1)
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Similarly, you can also make table mats out of pebbles too in the same way.

Bathroom Mats

When you step out of the shower, you wouldn’t want to wet the floor and must use a bathroom mat to avoid any injuries. A pebble bathroom mat is not only an aesthetic addition to your bathroom but is also functional. It will prevent the water from wetting the floor, and you can comfortably stand on it while you dry yourself with a towel. To make the mat you do not need expensive materials; just get a rubber mat, your stones, and a sealant. Make sure the sealant is waterproof so that your bathroom mat lasts you longer.

Let Your Children Channel The Painter Inside Them

Pebbles can be a great canvas for your children. If you want to plan an activity for your children over the summer, painting pebbles is a great way to kill time and add color to your home decor. Get watercolor paint kits for your children and hand them multiple stones each. Inspire them to paint by indulging in the activity yourself. This can be a lucrative opportunity to spend quality time with your children and help them explore their creativity.

Animate Them!

Animating different objects can be too much fun. Pebbles are very easy to animate, all you need to do is stick googly eyes on them, and you are good to go. If you want to add a little humor to your home, you can paint on different outfits on pebbles and add googly eyes to make a pebble family. You can keep them on your side tables and even mount them on magnets to stick them to your fridge.

Creativity Street AC3437-02 Peel and Stick Wiggle Eyes, Black, 60 Piece (Pack of 1)
Creativity Street AC3437-02 Peel and Stick Wiggle Eyes, Black, 60 Piece (Pack of 1)
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Pebbles are shaped in a way that they are easy to hold. You can make out knobs for your kitchen cabinets with them. All you will have to do is glue them onto the knob hooks and then place them back in the cabinet. That’s about it Just make sure that you use a very strong glue to hold the pebble and hooks together as pebbles are already heavy and might fall off.

Planter Boxes

Plants add freshness to your space. If you want to keep different planter boxes in your home, you can use these pebbles to enhance the beauty of the boxes. Just place them on the soil and make sure to cover the entire space.

These home decor ideas are just what you need to make your space look more appealing. Pebbles are low maintenance and a pocket-friendly option to decorate your home. Make sure you use the pebbles properly, and you can improve the complete aesthetic.

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