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How to Decorate Pots

three green assorted plants in white ceramic pots
Written by Sa Bal

We all love pots, regardless of whether they are for flowers, veggies, fruits, or herbs. They help you introduce nature to your space. With the help of pots, you can make your room look calmer and more beautiful. The best part is that they tend to make every space, whether outdoors or indoors, exceptionally gorgeous. 

However, when you decorate or paint pots, you take their charming look to another level. And depending on the design you choose, they can make a place look natural, elegant, and soothing. But how to decorate pots? Here are some fantastic examples that you can take inspiration from and make your plants look attractive and appealing. 

How to Decorate Pots

Use Your Nail Polish

Do you love nail paints? Then, why not use them to beautify your flower pots? Grab your favorite tints from your nail polish collection and get on it. You can either paint the entire pot or create some vertical or horizontal lines using your nail paints. If you use different colors and create different designs, your pots will look unique. 

Another thing you can do is arrange a big bucket of water, nail polish, and a few flower vases. Now, pour the nail paints into the bucket; you will see abstract designs in the water. After that, you have to dip your pot in it. You will be surprised with its extremely lavish and high-end look. 

Give Stencils a Shot 

You can find an incredible range of stencils in the market. They come in all shapes, designs, and materials. So, look for a stencil design that you can handle easily while painting the pot. Also, consider what type of design you want on your indoor planter. 

Besides that, make sure to purchase high-quality and excellent paint sets to give a beautiful color to your pots. To add a more dramatic and chic look, you can paint your entire planter in one color, like black or white. Later, when it gets dry, you can use stencils to add design to your decorative piece. 

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Wrap your Planters

Want to give a natural, earthy look to your pots? In that case, jute ropes are a fantastic option for you. Jute is one of the classiest and most attractive materials that can add value to almost any item. You can create several designs through jute ropes. For instance, wrap your pot from top to bottom with a roll of jute.

You can also bring different jute colors and wrap your planter with them. Or you can simply create three to four rows of jute on a pot, then give some space, and add another few rows to achieve a fantastic look. 

Add a Modern Appeal 

Want to add an expensive modern piece to your hallway, dining room, or other spaces? Well, golden is one of the colors that can help you give a contemporary and high-end feel to your room. So, purchase golden paint, and paint your terracotta with it.

Again, you can improvise the design. You can use stencils, use a contrasting color with golden, or you can add beads. Keep in mind that whatever you choose should not overdo your decoration. This is because it will lose its gorgeous appearance. 

Play with Sand

When you are wondering how to decorate pots or other household materials, it’s better to try useless and spare items. So, if you have some leftover sand from your last house remodeling project, you can use it. All you need is some glue, planters, and, of course, sand. 

First, put some glue on your pot, and sprinkle sand on it. Repeat this process until you cover the entire surface of the ceramic pot. To add more appeal, you can glue some shells to your pot. 

Try Gilding Sheets

Gridding sheets are tremendously appealing and unique. They add a shiny, rich, and charismatic look to any material, no matter where you use them. They provide this fantastic look because of their color and material. 

You can take advantage of this beautiful material and add it to your pot. Paint your planters in whatever colors you want- light and neutral colors will be a better choice. Then, add gilding sheets of any color to it by using a little bit of glue. 

Incorporate Some Colorful Stones

If you are planning to keep your pots near stones, then adding stone to your planter is an ideal option. You can purchase stones in charming colors. Keep in mind that these colors need to sync together to create a unified look. 

Once you get some stones, start adding glue to your planters. Stick the stones one by one on these pots. It’s totally fine if you notice gaps between the stones; still, your pot will look exceptionally beautiful. 

Create a Photo Flower

Want to add a flower pot to your side table? If so, you can make your pot look like a photo frame. For this, you need some pictures of yourself, your family, or your friends. Make sure that the size is accurate and can work with planters. On top of that, think about whether you want to add one or more pictures to your planter.

When you complete your planning, it’s time for implementation. Put some glue on the surface of the planters, and then attach your images to it.  Don’t get any glue on your photos. 

Bottom Line

Now, you can see how you can decorate pots and make them more stunning. Since now you have plenty of options, you should make sure to pick the one that suits your home’s theme, style, and décor.  Moreover, think about its placements so that you can decorate them accordingly. 

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