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Tips and Tricks to Learn Guitar

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Written by Marcene

Are you a guitar lover? Then, you surely want to become the most popular guitarist in town and play the best melodies at an upcoming gig with your pals. Well, we all want to impress friends and family with our excellent guitar skills.

If you want to start your guitar journey and learn it as fast as you want, you need to know the trick to learn guitar. This classy and attractive equipment is no joke. You need great help, knowledge of tips, and regular practice to succeed.

Top Tricks to Learn Guitar                                  

Start Slowly

Generally, beginners try to play every chord on their first attempt. They want to learn the guitar and impress people as fast as possible. Well, this is something that can only push you away from the guitar. As you may fail several times, you might get exhausted and give it up.

One of the best tricks to learn guitar is to practice one chord at a time. Once you become an expert at playing one chord, you can move forward and start practicing another one. Taking one step at a time will help you stay focused and motivated to learn guitar.

With this approach, you will likely become a professional in a few months. Make sure to get help to learn each chord. You can also try some beginner’s books to practice chords most easily.

Avoid Looking at Your Hands

At the beginning of their learning journey, most people can’t resist looking at their hands. They do this to know whether they have placed their hands on the right string. For starters, it’s important to avoid continuously looking at your hands while playing guitar. While you have to look at your hands when changing chords, don’t make it a habit.

This will help you know the string position without looking at the guitar. It enables you to play guitar more efficiently and professionally. To practice this tip, you can close your eyes or look at something in front of you while playing the guitar. Make sure to only look to your musical equipment when it’s time to practice the next chord.

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Be Patient

Playing guitar is more than just plucking the strings with your hands. You need to touch the strings in different ways and at different times to create a proper melody. Learning each chord requires great time and effort.

Some people take only a day to understand a chord, while others take weeks to excel in a single chord. Hence, you need to be patient and go with the rhythm.

Before practicing guitar, it’s important to make your mind that it can take weeks or even months to learn it completely. Most importantly, each chord needs great practice. You need to designate several hours a day to master your skills. If you are ready to put in extra effort, you will only get the outcome you are looking for.

Stop Comparing

It’s natural to feel jealous while seeing an amazing guitarist playing a fast riff or pleasant melody. Or you might envy your friends who can play any tune and song. But it doesn’t mean that it’s fair to compare yourself with them.

Pro tip: compare yourself to yourself. Use a recorder to record while you are playing. Record a few days of practicing, listen to your recorded playing. You will understand how much you have learned and improved in a few days.

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Making recordings is the best way to track your progress. You need to keep in mind that there always will be better guitar players than you until you master the art of playing guitar. Moreover, don’t forget that these people have been playing guitar for years and were in the same situation as you are now a few years back.

Tricks to learn guitar

Try to Use Correct Fingers

Over time, guitar players have discovered the right fingers to play various chords and scales. In other words, each finger can play different notes with more efficiency than others. So, always use the correct fingering that is designated for your chosen chord.

Look at videos and check books to learn which finger is best to play certain notes. Pay great attention to your hand position on the guitar. Make sure you are holding the guitar the right way, and your finger is on the right string.

Stand and Sit while Playing

Although most people practice guitar while sitting, standing can also be a great option to improve your skills. This is one of the best tricks to learn guitar, as it will help you know what suits you the most.

When you play it while sitting and standing, observe which methods are helping you the most. Also, think about how you are more comfortable? Of course, then choose the one that works best for you.

Furthermore, experts recommend a standing position because people look less to their hand in this position. Since it is hard to fix your eyes on the guitar, you will likely look at your surroundings or close your eyes to play your favorite musical instrument.

Not only this, but it will also help you prepare for playing with bands if you are planning to make it your profession. If it’s challenging for you, first learn each note while sitting on a chair. Once you become an expert, start practicing while standing.

Bottom Line

Besides the above-mentioned tricks to learn guitar, you also need to know that it’s not compulsory to start with an expensive guitar. So, look for affordable ones. Opt for one with thin strings for practicing. Another thing you need to keep in mind is: practice palm noting, learning covers, practice with other people, and practice as much as you can.

Keep in mind that playing guitar is not as simple as learning to make things from matchsticks or doing other artwork. Guitar requires great time and effort. In fact, even after learning it, you need to keep practicing to remember the notes.

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