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DIY Crafts: Things to Make from Matchstick

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Engaging in DIY crafts is full of fun and entertainment. Similarly, creating something beautiful from a simple matchstick can bring unique feelings, such as joy and accomplishment. So, if you are getting tired of your current hobbies, try working on the following easy DIY projects and display your artistic skills.

Exciting and Captivating DIY Crafts of Matchstick

Candle Lamps

If you are just starting with your DIY crafts journey, this is the easiest and most attractive thing you can make. Not only this, but you can use it for décor or keep candles. Candle lamps can boost the aesthetic appeal of your indoor space.

So, grab one or two boxes of matchstick, glue- preferably something strong like a glue gun, and a piece of cardboard. As you are new to DIY crafts, using cardboard as a base will help you accomplish your DIY project.

Multicraft Imports 2' Craft Match Sticks-Natural 750/Pkg, Multicolor
Multicraft Imports 2" Craft Match Sticks-Natural 750/Pkg, Multicolor
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Cut a cardboard piece in a square and keep all sides one inch smaller than the matchstick. Stick matchsticks on one side of the cut piece, and cover it completely- your project’s foundation is ready.

Now, take two matchsticks and stick them to two sides of the base- make sure they are opposite to each other. Take two more matchsticks and attach them to the remaining sides of the base. But this time, you need to stick your matchstick corners on the corner of the last two matchsticks.

When you repeat this step, you will see the walls appear on all four sides. You need to repeat the procedure until the height is a few inches more than your candle. Once done, keep your candle in the center of your base, and light it up.

Mini Matchstick Vase

Do you love the positive feel of plants? Nature can help us relax our minds and control our anxiety. It’s best to stay close to nature so that you can easily avoid any negative energy. This mini vase is perfect for keeping at your bedside and getting good vibes right after you open your eyes. Or you can simply place it on the center of your dining table as a decoration piece.

To make this vase, you need to cut a piece of cardboard or paper in a hexagonal shape. The sides should be half of the height of your matchstick. Note that the process is quite similar to the last one we have mentioned, but this time it will take a hexagonal shape.

Stick matchstick on one side of the hexagonal cardboard, and then leave one side next to it and stick a matchstick to the side after it. Repeat the process until four sides of your base are covered, and four are empty.

Now, take a matchstick and stick it on the empty side for the base, but this time it will be above the matchstick you already placed, rather than directly on board. You need to repeat the step by leaving one side each time you stick the last matchstick. Follow the same procedure until you reach a reasonable height for your vase. Place any artificial plants you want right in the center of your vase.

Mini Matchstick Arrows

If you are looking for a cute tiny DIY gift for your Valentine, this is the best option for you. In fact, you can also use them as hanging décor for your personal space. This will add adorable detail to your room, which will surely impress your guests.

All you need is paints, matchsticks, origami paper, glue, and a black permanent marker. Take the origami paper and cut a small square. Fold it like a paper fan and make sure that each fold is extremely small in size. Keep it aside for some time.

Origami Paper Double Sided Color - 200 Sheets - 20 Colors - 6 Inch Square Easy Fold Paper for Beginner
Origami Paper Double Sided Color - 200 Sheets - 20 Colors - 6 Inch Square Easy Fold Paper for Beginner
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Meanwhile, paint each matchstick with any color you want. Once your matchstick is dry, open the folds of your paper. Now, fold the paper in half to create a crease just in the center, and then open it.

Take glue and stick the bottom of your matchstick on the right side above the crease you have made. This way, half of the paper will be on one side, and the other half will be on the other side. To add some flavors to your DIY crafts, use a marker to draw lines a few inches away from each other and slightly above the match head.

To make your arrows look more colorful and appealing, use different paints and colors of origami paper. You can also paint the match head in a nude shade so that no one can get a hint that you have made it from a matchstick.


Of course, you love to drink coffee or tea early in the morning or right after you come home after a hectic and tiring day. In this case, why not create something that makes your “Me Time” more interesting. Yes! Make your own pretty coasters to enjoy drinking your favorite drink even more.

Cut a cardboard piece in a square, and cover the entire base with the matchstick. Now, stick the matchstick on the other side of the cardboard to cover it completely. Now, burn your matchstick and blow them out quickly so only the matchstick burns. On top of that, you can stick matchsticks in different ways on your base to create an appealing look. Based on your preferences, you can either stack them horizontally or vertically.

You can also create one row horizontally and a second row vertically to create the design. Additionally, you can use black paint to coat some matchsticks to get an appealing look. Well, you can use any color or choose any design you want. Just make sure that you cover both sides of your cardboard and then start creating your design.

Bottom Line

A DIY project like recycling craft tables, making things from matchsticks, or exploring nail art is the best option for practicing in your free time. Not only this, but DIY crafts can give you a feeling of accomplishment and success that boost your confidence and self-esteem.

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