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7 Ways to Recycle Glass Bottles

A picture of different glass bottles.
Written by Marcene

We all purchase drinks, sauces, condiments, and other items that come in glass bottles. For this reason, we all have plenty of empty bottles lying somewhere in the storerooms. Well, some people also throw them once they get empty. But it’s best to recycle glass bottles using their appealing shape and glass appearance to make different things.

You can use them for interior decoration, storing food, keeping house essentials, etc. Furthermore, they are pretty easy to recycle, and you don’t have to spend great money. In fact, if you have basic things in your house, like paints, brushes, and ribbons, you don’t have to spend a penny in the process.

Classy Tricks to Recycle Glass Bottles

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Do you love to feed birds? Then why not do this in style?

Wine bottles can become classy and chic feeders with some clever tricks. So, bring a wine bottle, screws, wire rope, and wood. Take a wood that can cut a few inches more than your bottle for the back of your feeder. Cut two small wood pieces to create the roof and base. Now, make two holes on the bigger wood piece. You need to make holes in a way that you can easily tie the bottom of your bottle with the wood piece.

Furthermore, screw the base on one corner of the big piece, and then screw the other on the other corner. You will get a “U” shape look at the end. Tie the bottle with the rope wire after filling it with the feed. Now, place the feeder so that the bottle looks upside down, and the feed comes out gradually on the base wood. Your beautiful feeder is ready to attract birds.

Glass Frame

Looking for the best way to preserve the memories of your Amazon forest trip or summer vacation in Florida? A pretty and appealing frame can help you display your photos. All you need is your picture, bottle, some seashells, or white pearls.

Roll up your photo and insert it in the bottle. Use any stick or tool long enough to get inside the bottle to set the picture inside it so it can easily be visible. It does not sound too appealing, right? Well, add some pearls or seashells on the base.

If you are willing to do some more work, make the bottle cap a bit interesting. You can either paint it or cover it with beautiful lace. Apart from this, you can also cover it with pearls or stick an artificial flower right above the cap.

Christmas Drinking Glasses

Are you inviting friends and family for the Christmas dinner? Have you bought glasses for all your guests? Not yet? Then wait, make your own Christmas glasses and save your money for Christmas gifts.

It’s the easiest way to recycle glass bottles. You need some paints, a ribbon with red and white color, and brushes. The choice is yours – you can paint your bottle in white, red, and blue colors. After that, decorate them by painting stars, snowflakes, Christmas trees, snowmen, and anything related to Christmas.

Once your bottles get dry, tie a ribbon and make a bow on the neck of each bottle. Ta-da! Your bottles are ready to serve your guest. Make sure to avoid using them for hot drinks.

Glass Bottle Vase

Recycle glass bottles and make contemporary-style vases from them. There are numerous options when it comes to vases. You can either paint them, use laces to decor them, stick some pearls or beads, or recycle other things to decorate them before putting flowers.

To add a modern aesthetic feel to your glass bottles, we recommend you opt for decent and elegant options. Take three bottles and paint them with white tint. Based on your bottles, you can use water or acrylic paints. Now, take dark green color to paint bushes on a single bottle from center to bottom. Keep the other half of the bottle white. Now, paint the neck of the bottle with the same color.

Follow the same procedure for the other two bottles and use dark blue and sky blue colors. Furthermore, you need to consider the placement of these vases. Keep the dark blue one on the front and the other two on its back on both sides. This will give a nice and appealing ambiance to the space.

M&M’s Storage Bottle

Who doesn’t love M&M’s? Of course, everyone. If you bring a big packet of M&M’s every month, you need something to store them. There are several options but look for the one that offers easy access to your favorite treat.

M&M'S Milk Chocolate Candy Family Size 19.2-Ounce Bag
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Why not make your own storage bottle? Bring a wine bottle or any bottle that has a cap. Take a colorful paper and write M&M’s on it. Stick it on the center of your bottle. Now, fill the bottle with the M&M’s and cover the top with the cap.

You can keep this bottle in your cupboard, countertop, and any place you want. The best part is that you can open and close the storage bottle in a fraction of seconds without worrying.

Glass Bottle Hanging Storage

If you are looking for something to store pens, pencils, painting brushes, and other tools for your little ones, you can create a hanging storage piece to keep all things in one place. Take a glass bottle that has a jar-like opening. Bring some durable rope, jute, or ribbon that can bear the weight of the bottle.

Now, tightly tie the one end of the rope on the neck of the bottle. After that, you have to secure the other end by leaving a little bit of rope in the center to create a hanging loop. You can hang your bottle in a safe place and place small tools and items to find them when needed easily.

If you want, you can also paint the bottle or stick some catchy stuff like shells on it to make it look more interesting.

Newspaper Vase

You can create gorgeous and eye-catching vases and please your guest with your artistic skills. Take any glass bottle of any size and shape. Cover it entirely with white paint. Now, take a newspaper, and cut different shapes. You can opt for flowers, butterflies, trees, hands, and others.

Keep in mind that you need one shape in a size that is not too small or too big for your bottle. Now, stick it on the center of your bottle with glue. Your classy, contemporary art-inspired vase is ready.

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You can put artificial or real flowers in it. Or use several bottles to decorate your space.

Bottom Line

If you are getting bored with your go-to hobbies like calligraphy, then recycle glass bottles as it’s a fun activity. The best part of this art is that you have the freedom to try different things. You can even use other household items like newspapers and recycle them to decorate the bottles. Furthermore, you can use these glass bottles for several purposes, such as storing food items. Therefore, they don’t cover additional spaces in your house and give you great benefits.

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