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Ways to Reuse Common Household Items

Written by Marcene

Do you love arts and crafts? How about reusing some old and unnecessary stuff in your home?

Well, there are several things in your house that you either don’t use or have used too much. In these cases, we usually throw these things or place them in storerooms. However, you can reuse common household items to decorate your house, for storage purposes or just to make your house look a bit more organized and clean.

From egg cartons to candle jars, everything can be reused with a bit of cleverness. Excited? Here are some easy ideas that you can use to make catchy new things. But of course, reusing everything in your house is not a great idea.

This is because your house may start to look cluttered when you have old boxes, fabric, and other things in your kitchen, living rooms, or living area. So, opt for things that can boost the appearance of your house.

Reuse Common Household Items

Egg Cartons

Most people bring eggs home in egg cartons. These are the most common thing in the household that people throw in the garbage daily. Why not repurpose them?

Cartons are perfect for freezing different things, such as meatballs, cookie dough batter, and herb-butter patties. You can also use egg cartons as Jell-O molds to make tasty treats for your friends or family.

Some people also use them to start seedlings for their garden. If you like eggs, you might have many cartons in your house. In that case, use them as organizers or for storage purposes. You can keep your golf balls in these cartons or store small garage items in the carton’s compartments.

Old Socks

You can reuse common household items that you are thinking of throwing in the garbage. Yes, we are talking about your old socks. But even if they are fading or have tiny holes, you can still use them as cleaning or dusting rags.

Do you often forget to bring a new shoe brush? In that case, you can shine your shoes with an old pair of socks. You can also ask your little ones to use their old socks to erase the whiteboard.

We all think twice when storing glass items in the storage. Well, an easy way to store glass items is to cover them with a couple of socks to minimize the risk of cracks.

Candle Jars

Do you love aromatherapy? Then, of course, you might have a couple of empty jars that you have kept in the storeroom. Well, now, it’s time to take them out and use them. Candles come in cool and classy glass jars that have their own charm.

To use these jars, first clean the leftover candle with the knife. After cleaning the wax, wash the jar, and use it to store anything you want. You can keep your spices, chocolates, dry fruits, etc.

If your jar is longer, you can use it as a water bottle. To make everything more exciting, you can decorate the jar with paint.

ripples on a red silk fabric

Old Fabrics

Did your favorite summer maxi has holes in it? It’s still worthy!

You can use sharp fabric scissors to cut your fabric into strips to use as a headband. These strands will also work best as bandanas and hair ties. This way, you can create a good collection of hair accessories.

If you have to do any clothing project, try to use any old fabric. You can also use your old t-shirts, towels, jeans, and other items for cleaning purposes. Use them to clean your windows or wipe the ground.

Dish Sponges

We all get to the point when we think that the dish sponge is getting old and they are not good enough to clean dishes we use to store food. Then, we toss them into the garbage. While it’s true that old sponges are not good for your dishes, you can use them for other work.

Use these sponges to scrub down marks or stains on wood floors or tile. They are also ideal for cleaning windows, washing the car, or cleaning your tools. You can clean cupboards, toys, shoes, boxes, and anything that can be cleaned with a soft sponge.

Shoe Boxes

This is pretty common among people who love to keep their house fully organized. If you have not used them in the past, it’s time to organize your cupboards, shoe racks, and children’s toys.

Wrap these boxes with attractive and catchy gift wraps or colorful papers. Now, place all your socks in one to organize the closet.

You can also use them as dresser-drawer organizers. This will help you keep everything in place and find them when you need them. Shoe boxes are also perfect for storing garage items and children’s toys.

Bottom Line

Besides the ways mentioned above to reuse common household items, you can also use old t-shirts and sew them into a cushion cover. In fact, you can use broken teacups to grow seedlings and old glasses to keep your calligraphy tools.

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